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Personal-Care Services

24-Hour Live-in Home Care

Highlands Senior Living Centers offer comfortable homes for those looking for a quiet community with a 24-hour staff of personal care providers for comfort and company. Our specially trained staff look for sensory cues to ensure peaceful and smooth transitions between activities. While we are not a medical/nursing home, we train our team to care for our residents with calm and positive interactions. 

Specialist Services

We do not keep medical professionals on staff but have several local partners who visit our locations for therapeutic appointments. Our team is diligent in providing accurate medication management and observing behavioral conditions that may need a medical evaluation. 

Safety System

Our Community offers additional safety features to ensure our residents can enjoy some freedoms without getting lost or winding up in an unsafe area. We have an emergency response system in place and alarmed exit doors for our clients.

Specific Care Plan

Everyone's life journey is different. Highlands Senior Living facilities believe that by providing care specialized to each client, we can enrich the time and memories left for all of our residents.  We try to incorporate all residents into the activities by customizing it to their level, speed, and comprehension. 

Creative Therapy

Our Experience Director continues to impress us with new projects, shows, and ideas! Residents are eager to participate in on-site events and enjoying learning new mediums of artistic expression. While entertaining and relaxed, these activities encourage movement and the stretching of the memory & minds of our clients. 

All-Inclusive Pricing

We offer flat rate rental pricing, with no hidden fees. 

To book a consultation with one of our dedicated staff and to see how we can provide help to you or your loved ones, please give us a call or click below to schedule a tour.